Gardening Trends 2018: Houseplants

Posted on 21st February 2018.
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Houseplants are a wonderful addition to a home of any size and fulfil the same role as the plants outdoors. They will not only add colour and texture to a room, but they can also create focal points wherever they’re placed and are good for framing views such as a living room window.

There are also a variety of physical and mental health benefits to having houseplants in your home or workplace.

Purify the air & assist breathing

Houseplants are a natural way of purifying the air in your home and removing toxins to help ward off illnesses. They have large surface areas that help to exchange gases and water, this reduces carbon dioxide and airborne dust levels, increases humidity and keeps air temperatures down.

For air purifying, you should consider a large plant for every 100 square feet of floor space. Here are just a few suggestions for the type of houseplants you can consider:

– Spider plant

– Dragon tree

– Dracaena

– Gerbera daisy

– Peace lily

– Snake plant


Reduces stress & helps you work better

Studies have shown that having interior greenery has a variety of psychological benefits that can have an impact on your mental wellbeing. These benefits include:

– Reduced stress levels

– Leaving you feeling more relaxed and at ease

– Improving your mood

– Increasing worker productivity

– Improved attention span


At The Barn we have a wide selection of houseplants, from larger plants to frame views or create focal points to small plants suitable for windowsills or desks. So, whether you’re looking to make your workplace a healthier place to be, or would like a touch of greenery and a natural air purifier in your home then pop in and shop our range of plants.