Growing your own vegetables

Posted on 5th February 2018.
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Growing your vegetables at home has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years and if you’ve ever thought about it, then this year is the time to give it a go!

Here’s why growing your own vegetables is a promising idea:

1. Saves money on your shopping bill

Not only will you be saving money on the vegetables you usually purchase but you’ll also be saving money on petrol as trips to the shop for fresh produce won’t be needed as often.

2. Minimises pesticides

We all know that shop bought vegetables are sprayed in pesticides to keep the insects away, leaving the vegetables less organic than most would like. When growing your vegetables at home, you can keep an eye on them and keep all your plants organically grown.


3. Good for your health & wellbeing

Growing vegetables in the comfort of your own home makes it easier to produce healthier meals due to them being easy to access. You can also use more vegetables to substitute the unhealthier foods you would usually eat, as vegetables are low in calories your diet is guaranteed to be better than ever with organic vegetables in your everyday meals.

Not only will it benefit your physical health, but it can also help with your mental health. Growing vegetables gives you responsibility for a living thing and is also therapeutic, stimulating the brain and taking your mind away from the stresses in life.


4. Freshness and flavour

Shop bought vegetables struggle to match the freshness and flavour of homegrown vegetables, so if you’re a real foody and enjoy the taste of the vegetables you use then you’ll notice the difference, especially in the tomatoes!


5. It’s fun!

Seeing your plants grow and mature then produce the food to go on your table is immensely satisfying. And it’s an activity that you can do with your children or grandchildren, they’ll love it too!

At The Barn we have a wide range of fruit and vegetable plants and ready to plant seeds and all the compost and accessories you need. Just pop in to our garden centre and start your home grown veg this Spring!